Covid-19 Procedures

Our biggest priority is the safety of our staff and you, the customer.  We have undertaken a Company Risk Assessment. With your support & understanding, we hope to serve you as best as we can under the government guidelines.

The board and staff are doing our best to ensure a clean, safe environment. If you have any concerns, please speak to our Manager Sarah or any of the board members.

Below we share with you some changes that you will experience on your next visit:

  1. Customer experience
  • All staff have undergone training for our new service procedures.
  • All surfaces are being treated with Zoono (, a surface sanitiser used by the NHS and London Underground, which prevents Coronavirus and other bacteria from bonding with surfaces. Zoono keeps surfaces treated for up to 30 days and remains active even after routine cleaning procedures.
  • Entrance is via the front pub door, operating a one-way system with all guests exiting via the Post Office.
  • Entrance from the car park is for shop and Post Office and access to accessible toilets.
  • Hands-free sanitiser stations are available on arrival and departure. We respectfully request everyone to use before entry.
  • If you exhibit any of the symptoms of Covid-19 we respectfully request that you do not visit.
  1. Dining
  • Booking in advance is advised. A walk-in service will only be available if there is space.
  • Please wait to be seated, our staff will show you to a table and go through our new procedures.
  • Please maintain at least 1-metre social distancing from other groups at all times.
  • Service data collection. We have been asked by the Government to collect contact data, which we will keep for three weeks. We will require your phone number and / or email for the purposes of contact tracing.
  • We will be operating table service only for food and drink.
  • Please do not move or join tables
  • Tables will be for a maximum of six people from differing households outside and no more than two households inside (which can be for a bigger group as long as only from two households).
  • Card payments are preferred.
  • Disposal menus are in use.
  1. Bar
  • A one-way system is in operation, please follow signage.
  • Please only order at the bar for food and drinks for the pub garden only. For food and drink inside, orders will be taken at your table.
  • Online, contactless ordering is available via: Full details of how to place orders via the website is available on all tables. We encourage guests to use this system.
  • To protect our staff and help maintain social distancing, please do not linger in the bar area.
  1. Post office /cafe / shop
  • Entrance via the car park entrance, exit through the Post Office door.
  • Please check the website for current opening hours.
  1. Garden
  • Disposable glasses and cutlery in use in the garden
  • Please do not move or join tables together
  • Please order either on the website: or at the bar. Food and drinks will be delivered by staff to the table
  1. Toilets
  • Once seated at your table we ask that you do not walk around the pub unless you need to use the facilities
  • Toilets are clearly marked with occupied and vacant signs on the main entrances. To avoid passing in narrow spaces please wait until toilets are vacant before entering, so that there is only one person in the toilets at any time
  • Accessible toilets can be found at the back garden door

Please see the website for details of our current opening hours.